Entrepreneurs and New Projects

We focus on businesses. From simple daily consultations to large international agreements and trials.

Comprehensive Advice for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

As an innovative firm, we understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and stand out as leaders in legal advice for startups and innovators. Our services comprehensively cover legal, financial, and digital needs.

Experience and Commitment to Entrepreneurs

With years of experience, we work closely with entrepreneurs, being an essential part of their teams and providing advice on all legal and administrative aspects.

Advice to Business Growth

We are unique in offering legal advice from the beginning of small projects to their expansion into large companies. We accompany entrepreneurs from idea creation to business development, being essential at every stage.

Essential Services for Entrepreneurs

We provide comprehensive advice, covering from brand management and protection, patents, models, and industrial designs to creating the most appropriate legal structure. In addition, we provide comprehensive advice on legal issues, drafting partnership agreements, legal due diligence, risk assessment, preparation of commercial contracts, and support in daily operations. We emphasize the importance of having specialized legal advice to prevent contingencies and avoid possible infractions, ensuring successful business development.

Importance of Specialized Legal Advice

We emphasize the relevance of having specialized legal advice for entrepreneurs, avoiding legal contingencies or infractions that could have been easily avoided.

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